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"The Big East was kind of falling apart I thought… everyone was leaving and it didn't seem like such a good situation. That's what made B.C. look so much better than Pitt. Just being a part of all that new stuff up there I think is going to be a lot of fun, as far as the facilities, the stadium, and joining a new conference."

Talk about the recruiting process- when did B.C. enter the picture?


I had a good time with it.  I enjoyed meeting all the coaches… I never really had any problems with it.  Down the stretch, when coaches started calling every night, it kind of got pretty hectic… I really enjoyed it… I was really comfortable with my decision… Pitt was the first to offer me… and then I got a few smaller colleges, and then B.C. jumped it.  They all hit pretty quick in the process.


Did it go down to two final schools, or was B.C. always at the top of the list?


It came down in the end to UCLA and B.C.— two completely different atmospheres and areas of the country.  But, again, both of them have great educations.  UCLA was hard to turn down, I mean southern California is pretty amazing.  But in the end it ended up being way to far from home.


What was it about B.C. that really sold it to you?


   It's definitely a great education, and I was really concentrating on that… I felt really comfortable up there on my visit, and I really liked the coaching staff.  And the guys on the team were real nice and really made me feel at home… I really liked the campus, and the city was awesome.


What was your official visit like to B.C.?


They took me downtown to the city… we ate at the Capital Grille, which was amazing and they took me on an hour bus ride.  I had been there once before… the campus is really nice, it's not such a big campus and can easily get to the city.  I like the fact that the first or second year everything is going to be new up there.


How did you make your formal announcement?


I had a live news broadcast on two local news channels.  I did that on the 12 o'clock news... right after football season ended, right before basketball season started.


How did your friends and families react?


A lot of people thought I'd pick Pittsburgh because it's closest to home, and that was my first offer.  Most people said it's a good choice.  My family is excited… and I've been hearing a lot from the alumni… it's been good.


Where do you see yourself next season as a freshman?


I'm not really sure.  I think they have 3 or 4 tight ends ahead of me right now.  I wouldn't be disappointed with the red-shirt.  Although I would like to compete and try and play as soon as possible.


What is the greatest attribute that you bring to B.C.?


I think my ability to catch the ball and run with it afterwards.  I mean, through high school I've been known more as a receiving tight end than a blocking tight end.  And I guess as I gain weight my blocking will catch up with my receiving.


What's your opinion on the ACC?


That was a huge wavering factor in my decision.  The Big East was kind of falling apart I thought… everyone was leaving and it didn't seem like such a good situation.  That's what made B.C. look so much better than Pitt.  Just being apart of all that new stuff up there I think is going to be a lot of fun, as far as the facilities, the stadium, and joining a new conference… the ACC is going to be one of the best football conferences in the country…everyone wants to play in the best conference, and play with the best.  It's going to help B.C. a lot.  It's going to help them financially… the benefits… are going to be so much better.  It's got to attract some people.  It attracted me. 


If you had to compare yourself to an NFL star, who would it be?


I'd like to compare myself to Tony Gonzalez.  Why not?  He's one of the best tight ends.  He's a good receiver, and I consider myself a good receiver.


This is a big year for your recruiting class.  Your thoughts?


I've been reading a lot about who I'm going to be playing with… I actually know [Chris] Crane… we're pretty good friends, and I'm getting to know him.  I saw Toal announce his decision on ESPN, so that was exciting.  Just to get players like that up there makes you feel so much better with your decision as far as competing for a National Championship.


What would you like to say to the BC fans reading this?


Get ready for a good class coming up.  I think this class is going to be special.  Get ready for some big things.



Fun Questions?


-Pregame rituals?


I haven't really ever gotten into that.  I really don't do anything religiously before a game.


-Red Sox or Yankees? 


I said if I'm going to Boston I have to be a Sox fan!  This is the year they're going to win, I'm telling you that… yes you can put me on the record.


-What has been your biggest memory on the football field?


Probably my first touchdown on the football field, my sophomore year.


-Any embarrassing moments?


I can't even remember, but I bet if you ask my teammates they could point out a bunch.


-Have you tried clam chowder yet?


I had a bunch of bowls of that on my visit [at the Capital Grille with the team].  That's some great stuff… they just kept bringing out plates and plates of food… I couldn't eat… they kept bringing out appetizer after appetizer… then they brought out a 4 lb. lobster.  I didn't want to see [the tab].


-Favorite type of music?


Probably rap.


-Thing you're looking most forward to about BC…


Just probably the whole college football experience… I'm really looking forward to getting there, competing, and seeing what it's all about. Recommended Stories

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